Sunday, July 21, 2024

How to Start Learning Game Making Programming Languages


Technology is increasingly advanced and various interesting innovations often emerge, learning programming languages, which many people say is difficult and confusing, in fact creating games using programming languages ​​is an interesting and challenging thing, in the digital world, which we know is growing faster, there is the ability to create games that we can make ourselves will bring many promising opportunities, apart from that, this can be a useful career or hobby, if you are interested you can see the article below.

  1. Understand and understand the basics of programming

Before you start practicing making games, the first step you have to take is to understand the various basics of programming languages. There are many programming languages ​​currently and there may still be more. In making complex games several languages ​​are often used. are Python, C, C++ and also the high-level language Java. You can start learning by studying a number of concepts and theories such as variables, loops, conditions and functions.

Some Recommendations for Learning Programming Languages

Python language: Many people think that the Python programming language is simpler and more concise in writing, so this language will be easy to learn for beginners.

C++: Even though this language is considered very difficult, it is very powerful in using a programming language for making complex games

Java: If you are interested in developing mobile games, the Java programming language is very suitable for making this game.

Javascript: Making website games or what we usually call browser games like kakekmerah4d can use the Javascript programming language. Apart from being easy, this language can also be combined with various other languages ​​and frameworks.

  1. Selection of Platform Type and Tools for Program Development

After you have succeeded in understanding the programming language that is suitable for you, now is the time to choose the best platform and also the appropriate development tools. There are several platforms that are quite popular in game creation circles, including:

Unity: This platform is a platform for creating 2D and 3D based games, apart from that the powerful C# the programming language also supports satisfactory results.

Unreal Engine: Using the high-level programming language C++, it is very suitable for making games with high graphics and design

Godot: Apart from being free and open-source, it uses the Python-like GDScript language. This makes the resulting code more concise.

  1. Learn through media and online resources

In making or designing a game based offline or online, there are many sources that can be studied, apart from books and website articles, you can also take part in class programs that study certain programming languages, just choose the one that suits your interests. Some places you can study to hone your skills include:

Coursera: This platform usually provides courses and learning from game programming sourced from well-known universities

Udemy: Even though it is paid, this platform also provides varied and affordable prices

YouTube: The usual option you get to learn via YouTube videos is free and many courses are equivalent to paid platforms

Apart from relying on the platform above, you can also learn through books which may also be the same in presenting the knowledge and concepts.

  1. Understand the concepts in game development

When you dive into making complex games, even though learning a programming language is important, what you shouldn’t miss is that you need to learn other concepts and theories, including:

Game Design Concept: Here you have to learn how to create concepts and also the rules that apply in the game

Graphic Concept: You are required to create and also manage how graphics work in making a game

Sound Engine: This section is how a game and sound can be in the same sync

User Experience (UX): Ensure the game is easy to play and interesting.

Starting to learn a programming language for game creation is a big step, but very rewarding. With dedication and passion, anyone can become a successful game developer. Don’t forget to keep practicing and looking for inspiration from various sources. Good luck, and good luck on your journey to becoming a game developer!